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Fetters Mill Bridge


































The Fetters Mill Bridge connects Bryn Athyn Borough with Lower Moreland Township

crossing the Pennypack Creek.  A county-owned bridge, it lies within Lower Moreland Township.  

Only one section of the support piers is within Borough boundaries.


The one-lane bridge is listed on the National Historic Register as part of the Fetters Mill Historic District.  

Built in 1883, it is a Pratt Through Truss design.


Bryn Athyn and Lower Moreland Township have been working with Montgomery County and 

PennDOT on a plan to rehabilitate this historic bridge.




APRIL 27, 2017

































A lot of rumors have been going around… please feel free to call the Borough Office for information instead of inadvertently spreading a rumor.  Update information will also be posted on the Borough website as it is received –


A meeting of consulting parties was held at the Lower Moreland Township Building on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 for an update on the progress of the bridge rehabilitation project.


The Federal Highway Administration is contributing 85% of the funding, PennDOT will contribute 10% and Montgomery County will pay 5% of the estimated $2.2 Million cost.


Construction work is not expected to begin until 2020 and will take between 18 and 24 months to complete.


The plan for the bridge is essentially the same as what was previously proposed.  The bridge will remain a one-lane bridge. 


  • The rehabilitated bridge will have a 15 ton weight limit rating which will allow ambulances, school buses, fire trucks and small delivery trucks to cross. 

  • The truss section will be removed and rehabbed offsite.  Several of the trusses will be replaced to accommodate the 15 ton rating.  The decking and supports will be removed and replaced. 

  • Originally, we had hoped that the open grate metal decking would be retained, but PennDOT regulations no longer allow this type of deck because the structure underneath deteriorates more quickly.  The open grate deck will be replaced with a lightweight fiberglass/composite deck which will look like the road.

  • The wing walls will be replaced with concrete; however they will reuse the original stones for facing on the concrete walls. 

  • The existing railing will be retained for aesthetics.

  • A new bridge rail and guide rail will be added.

  • Newer materials used will extend the life of the bridge.

  • Yield signs will be installed on either side to direct traffic.


The information packet from the meeting is available for review in the Borough Office.


Vikki Trost

Borough Manager



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